A 24 points manifesto forwarded by the organization of rural women, Women Rights Forum to the govern

  1. Make strong law against those who give physical and mental torture to the women, accused to be witch.
  2. Make the provision in law in favor of those who wants to report against those who prefer polygamy, child marriage and enmity marriage.
  3. Punish through the criminal law for both who offers and who accepts dowry.
  4. Discard the law which reprieves the punishment of the person who involve in rape (accused person).
  5. Make the strong law to end domestic violence and discrimination over women.
  6. Provide the safe place for those women, whom are faced domestic violence and discrimination. Rehabilitate and return the trafficked women and children.
  7. Give priority to pregnant, women, children and disabled group while distributing the necessary relief during the natural calamities.
  8. Provide the allowance for singled women without fixing the age bar. Guarantee land rights to provide the land with self ownership for single women and do not take any charge while handing the ownership to them.
  9. Make the higher education for women free. Recruit 50 percent of female teacher in every school. Ensure free education with healthier breakfast in every primary school.
  10. Make equal participation of the woman in political appointment.
  11. Ensure the 50 percent participation of women form local to central level. Ban those parties who do not participate.
  12. Ensure “same wage for same work” and declare the minimum wage for farmer at national level.
  13. Precede a combined certificate in the name of couple by implementing only one land ownership certificate in the name of a person or a family.
  14. Provide the common land owner-certificate (deed) in the name of couple for the land that is provided to those who are deprived of land rights. For the land owned by women, free half of land’s tax and also give 50 percent discount on revenue while handling to women.
  15. Establish group rights to concerned indigenous community for community land (pasture, khoriya, etc) that has traditionally been used by indigenous community. Guarantee access of women in community forest and water.
  16. Use any barren and unused public land in any community to ensure food security for rural women, marginalized farmer under the poverty line.
  17. End the custom which allows human being slavery or serfdom.
  18. Establish women development bank. Clear the interest on the loan taken from the governmental financial institution for those women who are under the poverty line.
  19. Secure abortion and child birth rights for women. Provide safe motherhood service at the local level for easy access of rural women to safe abortion. Give wage to women health workers.
  20. Make the separate toilets for the women in school, government and other organization. Ensure also ramp for the disabled.
  21. Implement law for getting citizenship from maternal relation.
  22. Make prostitution legal.
  23. Invest 50 percent of the total budget of local administration for women development.
  24. Ensure appropriate nutrition rights and treatment (ARV) for HIV and AIDS infected people.