Bina’s story in her own words

Bina Devi Mahato, residence of Bateswor VDC ward no. 7, Katani Tole, Dhanusha districtgot married with Ram Chander Mahato,Batewsor 12 years ago. She has one daughter and one son. She said she was beaten close to death in the absence of my husband by my uncle in law Damodar Mahato even though neighbors protect her blaming that their husbandry ate crop in his field. At that time, my neighbors took me Janakpur Anchal Hospital. I returned after 3 days in the hospital. My husband begged for justice in the community. Several meetings were stayed and called Damodar Mahato for attending such meetings to shut down issues but he never attended the meeting. We could not go anywhere for justice due to afraid Damodar.

There has been conducting Reflect at Dhanusha Sewa Samiti. Amongst, Devaki Devi Mahato, a mother of Bina Devi is the chairperson of Dhalkebar Center. This case was taken as an issue at the centre. The chairperson sent 5, 7 women to Bateswor to solve the problem. The society had several discussions and meetings for resolve it. People were disappointed as he never attended the meeting and depressed since he disobeyed others and frustrated from his arrogance.

Meanwhile, women’s group sent people to call him to attend the meeting but people returned saying he was not at home. After that, they called his wife and told her that if he not attended the next meeting, he would be taken by force. At the same time, all the participants marched with violence against women slogan and they all backed to Dhalkebar. Then after, Rs. 200 had been collected by women’s center. On the leadership of Dewaki Devi Mahato, they took tractors along with WRF members and arrived in Bateswor on time and had a meeting with victim and the society. They called the perpetrator, Damodar Mahato and were successful in forcing Damodar to give Rs 27000 as compensation to Bina Devi. They also forced him to apologize and state that he would never do this again. Cases of violence against women have been found slightly less in Bateswor village after this incident on 2064/3/10.