Charter of Demands

1) A 24 points manifesto forwarded by the organization of rural women, Women Rights Forum to the govern

Make strong law against those who give physical and mental torture to the women, accused to be witch. Make the provision in law in favor of those who wants to report against those who prefer polygamy, child marriage and enmity marriage. Punish through the criminal law for both who offers and who accepts dowry. Discard the law which reprieves the punishment of the person who involve in rape (accused person). Make the strong law to end domestic violence and discrimination over women. Provide the …
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2) २४ बुदें वडापत्र नेपाली भाषामा ।

बोक्सीको आरोप लगाई शारीरिक तथा मानसिक यातना दिनेलाई कानुन बनाई कारबाही गर । बाल,अनमेल र बहुविवाहको हकमा तेस्रो पक्षले जाहेरी दिन सक्ने कानुनी व्यवस्था गर । दाईजो लिने,दिने दुवैलाई कानुन स� …
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