Cultural program against gender violence. Year:2010

Cultural program/drama was conducted entitled “Women Campaign for Socio-Cultural Change” on various districts i.e. Lalbandi-Sarlahi, Kawasoti-Nawalparasi, Lele-Lalitpur, and Birgunj-Parsa. Program has contained messages of women violence and women rights. This program was shown by Kritika Cultural Group, in which the women from community and members of village level WRF of each district participated. To be more specific, this program was observed by 1000 people in sarlahi, 1800 people Nawalparasi, 1200 people in Birgunj and 500 in Lalitpur.

Musical Program against Gender Violence

Musical program was conducted at Lalitpur in coordination with DWRF on the occasion of 16 day campaign against women violence. In that program women from VDC sang various songs related to women violence and gave a message to the people with raising awareness among them.

Street Drama and Documentary Show against Women Violence

On the occassion of 16 day campaign, DWRF Dhanusa organized a program on gender violence against women by coordinating all the likeminded organization at the district. A grand demonstration was held at Ganaki Temple premises of Janakpur, taking the banners and placards with the slogans “Make Success 20th International Day against Women Violence and Make Gender Violence Free Nepal”, different types of booklet, pumplet, and locally produced materials. That also included street drama focusing on various social evils such as dowry system, Dhami-Jhankri and witchcraft etc. A documentary was shown including the events anticipated by NWRF.