Finally Bhim and Bina accepted each other

Bhim Rai of 25, a permanent resident of Dhankuta district was an army man of Charali army Barracks. When he was working at Charali, he proposed a girl named Bina Rai of 20 of Bagaha 8 Udayapur. She accepted his proposal and started a love affair. One day she shared about their love affair with her parents and they would like to know about the boy’s nature and his ability. After knowing that Bhim is a government job holder and from same ethnic group, they decided to wed Bina with him. Finally their love affair turned into lifelong relationship on 21 Magh 2066, when they get married.

For Bhim it was second marriage. His first wife left him with a son and eloped with other man. After breaking up the relation with first spouse he looked-for a friend who could take care of him and found Bina as a partner. Unfortunately the person, who had married with his first spouse, was his brother in law (Bina’s brother). Bhim vented his spleen about Bina, Initially I liked her but after passing the time I started to feel regret. Whenever I was to go Bina’s house, I felt uncomfortable & displeasure. My family, relatives and friends as well started to tease me and asked a question, why did I marry with the family where my first wife eloped? So I stopped to come there.

Knowing the major issue of conflict, the advocates of legal camp found a mid way for the agreement to resolve their dispute. Advocates informed Mr. Rai that if she made complain about him, he would lose his job and should give his half of the property to her. After getting legal counseling, Bhim rai accepted her as a legal wife and ready to make marriage registration certificate. Advocates had written a draft paper mentioning above accord. Where Bhim rai and Bina Rai, both accepted they will live together as a husband and wife. Legal camp created a friendly ambience for conversation to resolve their misunderstanding and argument.