The Rastriya Mahila Adhikar Manch (MAM) was established in 2008 by representatives of 20 District Mahila Adhikar Manch. The main aim of MAM is to establish women’s right by ending of violence against women and ensuring equal accessibility and control over the natural resources and equal participation in the state mechanism. Women’s right forum has been extended in the various districts with the co-ordination of action aid and its partner organization, for dissemination of its effectiveness. Now, District Mahila Adhikar Manch, established in 28 districts. Rastriya Mahila Adhikar Manch, Secretariat was established in 2008 at Prerana (NGO), Lalitpur, Nepal.

Most of Nepalese women are deprived from the fundamental human rights. Still Number of Victims of Domestic and other violence are not decreased. No one has given priority for women human rights yet. Women are still exploited due to discrimination, violence and suppress. Sexual harassment and trafficking of women has been continued over the centuries by men. Slogan of Inclusion has not been addressed the issues of rural, backward and weak women.

The forum has been established for the safe guard of women right by identifying the women’s issue from the inception and prioritizing these issues as campaign and also to ensure the accessibility in natural resources and participation in every level of state mechanism.

  • Established at Rural level
  • Union of rural woman
  • Leadership of local women campaigner
  • Unity from local level to National Level.
  • Participation from deprived women
  • Membership only from community level.

This forum has united all the victim of violence, singled women, marginalized, HIV Infected, Madhesi, Disable, Muslim, Indigenous, Dalit, Sukumbasi, Women Farmer and minority group at rural level.

This forum hands with hand with women who are a level superior with respect to understanding level, commitment and identification.

It raises the common voice from community level to VDC, VDC through Districts and then to central level against discrimination and exploitation on women.

According to the last census of Nepal, women comprise 51.1 percent of the total population. Being over than 50 percent of total population they are still deprived from fundamental rights. In Nepal, United Nation’s Human Development index 2004 shows that women have contributed 60.1 percent of total agriculture production but only eight percent of total land has owned by them. In comparison with male population the women are being discriminated in every aspect such as education, health facility and have low average Life Expectancy. National statistic shows that women literacy rate is 42.49 percent. In every society and family level there has been depressed condition of women and they are still suffering from violence. There is no respect for women’s contribution as they have been humiliated and neglected since long back in our society. To ensure that such mistake will not come into account in upcoming days, every citizens and women should be made aware about the lesson “leadership for the Interrogator”.

Conduct campaign to merge all the scattered women organization network to raise voice with the vision of “leadership for the interrogator”. Now all of us have came to realize the importance of self-governing organization to combat with combine effort against the injustice and exploitation in our society there need to be proper relation from national to local level in such issues.

For empowerment of socio-economic status of women, here several organizations have been established since long time. During this tenure community level and community oriented organizations have been established. Basically these organizations are getting participated in co-operative, saving and credit mobilization, income generation activities and different activities from VDC level to district level by forming national network which also give pressure to the concern body for their rights. The organizations active at the community level are merging as network .working as a network with such organization at community, VDC, district and national level we can prevent violence against women and can effectively pressurized the governing body for the assurance of women’s right.

From 2004 AD up to 2008 AD with coalition of Action Aid Nepal and organizations working for women’s right, there came to exist community, VDC, district level women’s right forum organized in 20 districts (Bara, Parsa, Sarlahi, Dhanusha, Dolakha, Rasuwa, Baglung, Parwat, Dang, Mahottari, Makawanpur, Chitwan, Jhapa, Udayapur, Lalitpur, Kaski, Kailali, Banke, Saptari, Sindhuli). Then Rastriya Mahila Adhikar Manch(MAM) was established in 2008 by representatives of above 20 District women’s rights forum. Now Women’s right forum has been extended in 24 districts (including Jumla, Bajura, Kapilbastu and Nawalparasi) with the co-ordination of action aid and its partner organization, for dissemination of its effectiveness. The National Women’s Rights Forum, Secretariat was established at Prerana (NGO), Lalitpur, Nepal.


There will be secured society and no more violence and discrimination on women.


To establish women’s right by ending of violence against women and ensuring equal accessibility and control over the natural resources and equal participation in the state mechanism.


  • Establishment, rejuvenation and implementation of strong organization from rural women community to country level.
  • Effective advocacy and pressurized campaign will be conducted to ensure the implementation of the law which favour women right and formation of necessary law and orders.
  • Ensure equal accessibility and control over land, water, forest as well as other Natural Resources.
  • Campaign will be conducted for the justified accessibility and control  of women over all the state mechanism and inclusive participation for opportunity.
  • Effective voice will be raised in favour women’s right by ending the violence against deprived women.

Norms and Values of NWRF

  • Objective, activities and methodology of the Women’s right forum will be open for the members and stakeholder.
  • All the members of the forum can raise their voice and issues very openly and can be participated in the forum on the democratic way.
  • The official of the women’s right forum need to be fair and responsible toward their duties and responsibility.
  • In the forum there will be no solo decision at the time of discussion and decision making. Views and harmony of the members are respected. For the decision making; participatory and group discussion is appreciated. If difficulties occurred to take the decision then majority process will be accepted. Supreme body of the general assembly will direct the activities of the forum.
  • Knowing the situation of forum’s member, take initiation to attract the concerned stakeholder for the positive change.
  • Coordinate with other organization which has the same vision and mission
  • Forum will always advocate for the justice of victim women.
  • No one can take participate who involve in prejudice against women.
  • To get membership of the forum, need to be entered at the community level.