Social Forum Report

Women Social Forum has been taken as a common forum of women from marginalized, landless, HIV infected, Muslim, minority, third gender, media person, right-holder, disable women & back-warded group to create positive impact on the concerned stakeholder and government bodies, who are designated to provide service for women.

On the occasion of 101th International labor women day with motto “People centric democracy is possible based on social justice and equity- we make it”, a second National Women Social Forum was successfully organized from March 15-17, 2011 at Kathmandu appreciating the axiom of World Social Forum “Next world is possible”.

This second national women social forum had been organized to ensure the right of women, legal safety, women friendly constitution on allocated time, authenticate people centric republic Nepal, secure the equal representation of women in every state-mechanism, ensure the reproductive rights, make law against VAW, create safe working ambience & secure fundamental human rights of women. Realizing the difficulties faced by different women professional, an equal opportunity should be provided to women by ending the violence against women. At the same time several news reporter and other women professionals have been facing by violence so the safe working ambience should be created throughout the county for each women professional. Announcing a 27-point Kathmandu Declaration, second national women social forum has successfully celebrated at Kathmandu. This social forum was started at March 15 and ended with 27 point declaration on 17 March. About 1000 women participant were attend the social forum. About 25 issue were identified during the event and some of the raised issue of women were- rights of women on land, rights of sexual and gender minority, rights of domestic women labour, participation of women in politics, issue of Dalit women, rights of women on citizenship and issue of human trafficking. During the event participants illustrated the current status and problem of women, and expressed their solidarity to create positive pressure to warn and sensitize the concerned stakeholder and power-holder on the issues of women. The participants also warned power holder who use to discriminate women, poor group, Dalit women and marginalized group. They also shared their case studies during the event. The problem generated from social, economic, political, policy and behavior of the government on women were discussed during the event.

Recognizing the constitution making process which is not getting shape till the date and, realizing this time is to work for women friendly constitution by creating pressure on constitution maker to ensure the rights of women on land on upcoming constitution is utmost. The major objectives of the event was to make political parties responsible towards women friendly constitution. Mahila Adhikar Manch, main organizer organized this social forum along with other interaction program, photo exhibition, information and handicraft stall, musical event & other activities, where significant participation was observed from members of Mahila Adhikar Manch.

Event organized at social forum:

  • Theme wise workshop
  • Photo Exhibition
  • Documentary show
  • Information related stalls
  • Food Stall
  • Cultural program
  • Declaration ceremony
S.No Theme of workshop Date Organized By
1. From the prosecptive of women rights
-Social, cultural rights as women right
March 15 Kritika Aviyan
2. Our body is our March 16 WOREC Nepal and CED
3. Are we not a labour-women?
Report: Kriti Thapa
March 16 Mahila ko Nimti Mahila Manch
4. Womens accessibility on home to ensure women’s right March 16 Mahila Ekata Samaj
 5. Right of women on land -to ensure Women’s Right March 16 Mahila Adhikar Manch and Bhumi Adhikar Manch
 6. Problem  challenges and issues of Human trafficking March 15 Power Group, ATWIN
 7. Identity, access & representation of sexual and gender minority. March 16 Blue Dimond Society
 8. Food & Women’s Right March 15 FEAN
 9. Women in politics March 16 Jagaran
 10. Issue of Dalit Women March 16 FEDO / Nepal DAlit Mahila Uthhan Sangh
 11. Recognition of women’s right in the acts, regulations and laws. March 16 Mahila Kanun tatha Bikas Manch
 12. Rights of Domestic labour women (Based on ILO convention) March 16 Home Net
 13. ILO convention & rights of domestic worker March 15 CBC Nepal
 14. Sexual violence and justice March 16 CBC Nepal
 15. Women and Social Security March 16 Kocap
 16. International convention on domestic worker and issues of women’s worker on foreign country. March 16 Youth Action
 17. Role of women in decision making March 15 Didi Bahini
 18. Mahila Movement from local level to International Level March 16 ActionAid Nepal
 19. Women in media March 16 WWJ

Interactive discussion of second day:

On the joint effort of Mahila Adhikar Manch and Bhumi Adhikar Manch, the forum organized interaction program on “rights of women on land to ensure women’s right” to establish the rights of women’s human right. Where total 75 participants; 20 from Bhumi Adhikar Manch, 50 from Mahila Adhikar Manch and remaining others, were participated. Participants were from diverse field –rightholder, guest, CA member, student, land-analyst, news reporter & other stakeholder. The program was run under the chairmanship of President of Social forum; Sarita Shrestha and CA-member Kalyani Rijal was a guest. 6 speakers from Bhumi and Mahila adhikar manch put their speech.

Third day declaration:

Kathmandu Declaration-2067 approved by Second National Women Social Forum on the occasion of 101th International women labor day.

Acknowledging the sacrifice done by women activist from decade long revolution for freedom of women and right to live with peace and dignity.

Drawing the attention of policy maker and constitution maker to endorse the issues of women and warning them that without women’s participation, women will not get their rights,

Consolidating the issues raised by women on Land, Home, Health, Education, Natural Resources, VAW, issues of dalit women, minority, labour women, Kamlari & kamaiya, women with disability, singled women, sexual and gender minority and issues raised by Women’s movement on the resolution of celebration of 101th International labour women day from district level to national level organized on March 15-16 2011, this 27-point Kathmandu-Declaration has been declared by Second National Women Forum Nepal on 17th March 2011. The enclosed issues are:

We request to promulgate the women friendly and we will fight for it until the legal safety provided to the Women Right & the provision of getting such rights.

We request for the proportional participation of women in every state mechanism ensuring the right of reproduction, sexual right, right against VAW, right to property and land right, & demand for safe working ambience for women worker.

We demand for confiscate the decision made by special committee regarding the issues of citizenship pending at thematic committee of Constitution Assembly and provide the citizenship on the basis of identity without gender discrimination and make equal rights of women on it and make the provision for getting citizenship by trafficked & victim women as well on upcoming constitution.

Political parties are the major governing body of the state so each political party should ensure the participation of women by 33 percent in every state mechanism system. Prohibit & disqualify for the next election if they refuse to follow.

The efficient way should be developed to utilize the budget allocated for women on local body.

We demand, while addressing the issue of WR, the equal participation should be made among the women with disability, Dalit, Janjati, Muslim, Mahdesi, Karnali, Sexual and gender minority, HIV infected, trafficked women, Victim women, Singled mother and widow realizing their basic needs.

To respect the contribution of women on economic growth of a family, we demand,  end the violence and discrimination on women & implement the decision of Supreme court regarding  VAW, domestic work, equal wage; which have not been implemented till the date. We also demand to make women economically, socially and politically sound.

Giving attention on increasing violence on women, we demand to put right against violence on fundamental rights on upcoming constitution and make the provision to provide compensation for the victim. To end violence against women and make women safe, a security mechanism and law should be enforced.

We demand that, at the time of taking statement to the victim of a rape case, the security and privacy of a victim should be secured and make the statement of victim as principle evidence. Privacy and security of victim and witness should be guaranteed by the government. Government should provide compensation to the victims and current system (compensation from abused to victim) should be changed and government should recharge from the abused person.

To secure equal rights of man and women on land, government should provide a common deed throughout the county and make the provision to declare deed on women’s name. Identifying the real landless people, government should provide the supportive package to improve their livelihood. Before providing the supportive package, government should address the rights and issues of women from squatter, freed kamaiya and marginalized group.

In lease-hold right, a daughter should be included as equal right holder.

To end with-craft and Chaupadi and Dowry, government should formulate a strong law and take strong action against cultural and social discrimination.

Nepal has been declared as freed racial discrimination country but still it is uprooted throughout the country so it should enforce the law immediately.

The discrimination facing by Kamlari and Badi Women should be ended and for their rehabilitation government should formulate appropriate policy and relief package.

To make women’s movement effective, fruitful and channelized and alleviate the risks faced by women human right worker during the movement, the government should implement the law declared by Supreme Court and form the appropriate body to identify them, their vision and guarantee their security.

For widow, government should provide relief package and provide capacity enhancement training and create employment opportunity for them and discard the provision age limit while providing widow-allowances.

To encourage women employees, child care centre & old care centre should be promoted.

Stop the violence against news reporter and provide safe working ambience for them.

Women commission should be made as a legal commission and develop the strategy that could work at local level

To finalize the peace process, government should form a sexual sensitive correct ……and harmony commission and for baffled people an inspection commission should be formed. And in each commission women’s participation should be equal.

Understanding the prolonged traditional culture and system as well as food policy, agriculture policy and realizing the inaccessibility of women’s on food security, we have demanded that women accessibility on food should be secured.

To ensure the right of women on health, each VDC should have women friendly health centre and all the issues of women should be address by government.

To diminish the discrimination & cheating happening on women during the foreign employment, and ensure the right to improve their livelihood, rights of foreign employee and their family, government should implement foreign policy immediately.

In the convention on domestic worker and recommendation, we demand that  Nepal should be the partner country and should make environment and ensure the right of foreign domestic women worker.

Minimum wages, security of health, identity and respected working ambience should be provided for the domestic women worker, house-labour, entertainment & unofficial worker.

The violence and discrimination happening during the analysis of global human rights should be ended and security guarantee should be made for women human defender and such issue should be viewed as sensitive issue.

We demand that any political party who do any kind of violence against women (rape, discrimination, violence) and if it is proved then he should be disqualify form the post.

Rastriya Mahila Adhikar Manch

Rastriy Mahila Man Adhikar Rakshyak Sanjal




Mahila Surkshya Dabab Samuha,

Dalit Mahile Sang (FEDO)

Blue Dimond Soceity

Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj

Nepal Appanga Mahila Sang

Nepal Dalit Mahila Utthan Sangh

Mahilako NImti Mahila Manch, Nepal

Bhumi Adhikar Manch

Youth action Nepal


Sakti Samuha

Working Women’s Journalist

Sakti Milan Samaj

Jagaran Nepal





Didi Bahini



Mahila Kanun tatha Bikas Manch

HImwanti, Santi Mahila

RAstriya Dalit Network (RDN)

Home Net, PDAN, Kritika, FEAN, Lalitpur Nursing College

Nawatara Kishori Sanjal

We ignite that to fulfill our demand we will start pressure campaign and other activities and request to join to show your solidarity.

17 March 2011
Sabitri Pokhrel

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