The case of Sarlahi

Two years ago, a thirty two years old women was gang-raped by a group of teenagers while she was off for the market for selling vegetable goods. She was very poor and had financial crisis. She got raped while she was returning to the home after selling the vegetables at the market. At that time her husband was out of country for the job at Panjab, India. That day she first finished her selling item and had shopping essential materials for her home. It was the time around 7 PM four boys came to me and blocked my way. After that they closed my mouth and picked up me the nearby saw-mill and did rap me turn by turn, she says.

She says that, I lost my consciousness while they were raping me. When I got my consciousness I run and appeal for help and around 9 pm reached at home. Again I lost my consciousness when reached at home, she added. Her family and neighbors came and called doctor for the treatment but again she didn’t become conscious. By undertaking the issues was serous people took her at the District hospital at Malangwa, Sarlahi in the mid night. After 5 hours treatment she became conscious. Day after the incidence villagers dropped a complain file nearby police station. Police went at the site in the early morning at 7 am for the investigation. Out of 3 abused boys had run away from the village. But police could able to catch one abused boy. Investigation was going on but the incident became hot news because the abused boy had connection to the political leader of the district. The game was started to exonerate the boy from the case. Doctor delayed to give health examination report. Women’s group of the area decided to take strong action and put it in to discussion when they knew that some people were actively involved for diverting the issues. Local man also supported the women’s group against the abused person.

Women made their strategy. Around 500 women gathered and did strike at CDO office, District Police, Government attorney office and District police. Police tried to disregard their action and tried to dismiss them but women are did not move an inch. Finally police administration was ready to talk with representative of women group. Police finally announced that they will take a strong action against abused person without being biased. Now the case reached at court. The court declared that abused will be imprisoned for a year and victim women will get Rs. 60000. According to the court order abused boy had one year prison life. Kushma Devi Raut; one of the observer of the event, says “The victim got the justice because of unity between women group then they made pressure to the concerned body”. We should be aware so above incident will not happen again. And victim Durga devi Thaukri have a complain that abused got modest penology.