The story of Jureli B. K

My name is Jureli B.K. I live in Haku VDC, ward no. 3. My livelihood is based on daily wages. My daughter could not go to school due to our low economic status. Husband spends his earning money on alcohol. He used to beat me when he was drunk. I did not tell anybody even though he beat me daily. He used to say that he would kill me if he told anybody. I thought nobody is there to share my sorrows as I am Dalit. In 2064/11/14, he hit me on my back with a log and I became unconscious. After some time I became conscious but I was not able to speak and walk and I spent that night crying. In the morning, when I was able to speak and walk a litlte, I asked people for help. After a while some villagers came and asked me what happened and why he hit me. I also shared everything thinking that if I still did not tell he would kill me. They called the chairperson of the women rights forum immediately. After arriving she called other members of the forum and conducted an emergency meeting. The meeting decided that Mr. Lal Bahadur B.K.(husband’s name) should pay fine Rs.1000 as a penalty and it would be spent for her treatment. They also decided that nobody would provide him alcohol in the village and he was not allowed to beat his wife. If he did, he would be sent to district court. After that, he could not get alcohol as nobody gave it to him and he also stopped beating me as he was no longer drunk. As a result, I am living peacefully due to WRF. Now I am also the member of WRF. I would die if I did not share thinking that it was just domestic violence.