The story of Sita B. K

Sita BK is a permanent resident of Jogidhar VDC ward no.6 of Udayapur District. Her husband Rajkumar B.K has done extreme violence with her wife by spraying acid over her body. This was not first incident before this he used to give torture, did not support her and often insulted her in society. After that different organization had made an arrangement for her accommodation. They made a house for her & provided some aid. She was forced to live on safe area for a while because she couldn’t tolerate his husband. She was suffering from his cruelty from the beginning of her marriage.

I was expecting trifling hopes that he could realize his misdeed done with me, she added. One day he came to her and assured that he will not repeat his cruelty again and will always love her. She got convinced with his words and went with him at his home. 2065/12/10 was the day when I was sleeping with my 18 month older son; meanwhile he spoiled acid on my body in the early morning at 5am, she said. Despite of giving love & pleasure he gave me such panic treatment. By this incident she lost hearing of left ear and half of the body was burned. Before me he did 3 more marriages, she says. The story of his 1st wife was also very precarious; he killed her when she was pregnant by hitting on her womb. His second and third wife couldn’t tolerate him and eloped with other man. Sita is her newest spouse. She did not get proper education due to their poor family background. She lost her parents when she was children. His uncle forced her for marriage at the age of 13. She returned to maternal home when her husband, Govinda Bahadur BK did not next marriage. By expressing her regret of being women; she says that she was handed over to Rajkumar B.K. on 2062 and it was her 2nd marriage.

Twenty Six years old Sita B.K.; mother of 2 children, one from her step-wife and one was from her never got happiness & peacefulness. Due to the extreme violence of her husband, she was getting intense trouble on her various part of body. Sita has now admitted in B.P.K hospital of Dharan for the treatment. Muladhar Women’s service centre, a local medical centre could not cure her trouble so she was transferred on BPKHS and it was only possible when other people forced her father in law for the treatment. Muldhar women’s service centre provided medicine, fruits while she was getting treatment there. FEDO and Muldhar WSC provided 30 liter diesel for ambulance to bring up to the BPKHS. Now we, women’s right worker are going to file a case on the court against Mr. BK in murder case where Sita has also given her complain note. We got success to catch him. Now we have demanded that Mr. Rajkumar B.K. should get the uppermost charge for his misdeed & malice intention.

Prepared by:
Najbul Khan (Neelam)
Women’s Right worker
Muldhar Women’s Service Centre (Masbes) Udayapur