The story of Yamkala Hitang

My name is Yamkala Hitang. I am 34 years old. I live in Huwash VDC, ward no. 2, Parbat district. I got married when I was 19. My husband died from blood cancer after 14 years of marriage. I could not go school in my birth home. I was interested in going to school while dropping my brother at school. I had attended one day in school by escaping. I have experience of suffering all kinds of sorrows, blaming of husband’s death due to my reason by the society to depriving rights to paternal property. I was warned saying I could not get paternal property if I do not wear white cloth after my husband’s one year cremation. But I think I am able to change myself and community after I joined the WRF. I wore different clothes instead of just white. Bhawan Tara Hitang and I jointly could cover the roof on the building for child class conduction 5 years ago. I did plow up first time in Chaitra 29, 2063. I asked many people before I plowed up but nobody supported me. There was a rule that if men plow one day, women have to plow up three days to get equal money. So my sister in-law and I plowed up the field to demand equal money for equal work. Many people spoke against it in the village. If any body died in the community they started blaming that it was because of women plowing in the field. Three other women also started plowing up the field after we did. I am continuing plowing and I am able to get equal money for equal work. There is no work a woman can not do. It is not good people believing in god and religion. We should start changing ourselves first to change the society. Network and group plays play a vital role in sharing women’s problems and to get rights. Therefore, we should take our rights pressuring instead of demanding.