Women are just for play

Thirty three years old Babita Dev got married on 2052 BC. His father had provided dowry of about 3 lakhs with his capability. But I don’t know why my husband didn’t like me, says Babita Dev. I was forced to live at my brother’s house at Boriya VDC, she added. My husband Prasant Kumar Dev professionally was an engineer and worked at Pokhara Campus. I was also staying with him at Pokhara. But without reason he started to give me torture with cruelty. I couldnt tolerate his torture and returned back to paternal home. Now its six year and I heard that he did another marriage with hilly-girl. I was unknown about his 2nd marriage and even he didn’t let me know about it. He never treated me as a wife. Never helped and gave any support. When he was at Kathmandu he married another Bramhin girl. But she left when she knew about his first wife. When he was at Pokhara he did next one. It is almost 7 years and he didn’t come to meet me. I found, it was too late to claim the property because he already sold all the property. Now I am in great dilemma. I am not getting any solution and it makes me what to do and what not to do? Is there any provision to get justice?, she asked the questions to the advocates of legal camp. Sunita got energy when advocate Sunita Regmi counseled her about legal provision that if she registered a case against him, she would get half of the remaining property and his salary. But she again embarrassed and said she can’t go ahead without support of her brother and concluded that women’s life is a playing equipment of a man.