Women Rights Forum Council. Year :2010

District Council

Like in every year the meeting of District Council of DWRF was held in this year too. It reviewed annual program and selected the name to be participated in National Council and discussed and decided on future action plan too.

National Council

Third National Council meeting of NWRF was held at Kathmandu. Meeting was chaired by Ms. Sarita Shrestha, NWRF Chairperson and inaugurated by member of National Women Commission, Ms. Mohana Ansari. In the council meeting total 83 people (57 members from 21 DWRF, 16 representatives from 16 District Secretariat, 6 participants from various regions and 4 journalists) were involved. In the meeting, national representative presented the progress report. The meeting reviewed and analyzed the progress and discussed on the future action plan too. During the annual program review session, representatives presented the issues that were raised over the years and status of issues etc.