Women’s Rally for Land Rights. Year: 2011

Land right of women is women human right as well. The women have been marginalized due to the structural power politics of gender based access and control over land. This is the reason why several women are forced to experience violence. The policies and programs of the state has not been able to address this discrimination.

90% of women in Nepal are involved in agriculture. 60% of the agricultural production is produced by women. If there had been no women then all the people in the world would have gone hungry. This important contribution of women have been turned a blind eye to and is not recognized. The women who produce food grains and who prepare food are themselves hungry or have meager amount to eat. The women are being projected to violence in the name of culture, tradition, religion and responsibility. The major reason behind this entire situation is due to the lack of land rights for women. Unless the right to land for women is established, they will not be able to get their right to food. Their confidence does not increase and the environment for personal development is not created. Women cannot have their decisive role in the family and society.

To establish land rights for women is to enhance their dignity, recognition, respect, courage and self confidence. In order to build a sustainable, just, equitable and prosperous society and to end violence against women, discrimination, injustice and oppression it is important that women have right towards land and other productive resources. Yes, in order to establish this right for women, it was felt that a movement has to be raised and carried out from each household and each village. Hence in order to ensure land right to women various nationwide women conference, meeting, rally, discussion and debates have been organized and conducted. The national movement has been organized through various debates to prepare public opinion for addressing and implementing the policies.

With objective to materialize and implement the land right of women by building required power, gathering public opinion, to provoke debates regarding the issue among individuals, families, villages, cities, everywhere and to raise voice to address this issue at policy level, on the occasion of International Women Laborers’ Day March 8(Falgun 24), land right for women rally and meetings have been organized in 40 districts of Nepal. Similarly, from Falgun 29 more than one thousand women will be participating in the movement in Kathmandu. This is not just ours but everybody’s movement. We request everyone to support and collaborate in the programs.

Rastriya Mahila Adhikar Manch, Nepal
Phone: 01-2121081
Email: mail.forum@nwrf.org.np

Rastriya Bhumi Adhikar Manch
Phone: 01-6904586
Email: nlrf@yahoo.com

Key Demands:

  • The state has to provide the land to land right deprived.  A conjoint land ownership certificate for both men and women has to be prepared while providing land.
  • The ones who have land have to confirm that land in the names of both husband and wife within one year.
  • The Muluki Ain has declared equal property rights for both son and daughter. However, it has not been implemented practically. Hence, during land sales and property distribution both son and daughter have to be included and acknowledged.